Anycubic Ultrabase Glas Plate 310x310mm

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Anycubic Ultrabase Glas Plate helps you to avoid warping and offers a flat surface

Anycubic Ultrabase 3D printer glas works perfect with Creality3D CR-10 printers in the 300mm size. It helps you to avoid warping and enables you to perform 3D prints with flat surfaces.

Product properties:

  • Ultrabase is a special coated glas plate which makes your 3D prints stick easily
  • Super Flatness: The print bed is glas-based with a critical tolerance of ±0.2mm (normally within the 0.1 mm range)
  • Durable: The special coating is inorganic and has a hardness of 8 Mohs
  • It is capable to work at 400 ℃

Ultrabase helps to prevent following problems:

  • Filament doesn’t stick onto the platform due to terrible flatness of aluminium bed
  • Ultrabase is an alternative to use blue tape or glue to make 3D prints stick to the platform and minimize warping
  • It makes objects more easy to remove. Often 3D printed parts are not easy to remove or you are afraid to remove them from the building bet. Ultrabase stops this worries.
  • You don’t want to chance your masking tape after each 3D print. If you don’t change it it may be damaged and your object will not stick on the surface. Ultrabase is your solution!

Get your Anycubic Ultrabase printer glas 3D print bed to minimize warping and have a flat surface.





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