For Creality Cr-10 / Ender 3 & Pro / Ender 5 Pin 27 Board For Bltouch Bl Touch

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Pin 27 board. Works on BLTouch , 3D Press or filament detection sensor.
Works with CR-10, Cr-10 mini, Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro and Ender 5 3d printers. The pin 27 board does NOT work with the ender 2, the ender 2 uses pin 29.
Wider power and ground tracks. I made the tracks 20% wider, the tracks are capable of 300ma, which is more than the Bltouch is capable of using.
You must have a bootloader installed so that you can enable the bltouch in the firmware before the board can be used. “Teaching Tech” on youtube has excellent how to videos on the bootloader and bltouch.
The pin 27 board makes installing a bltouch or filament sensor fast and easy. Normally you would need to cut the ribbon cable and solder into the pin 27 but with the board its plug and play.(after firmware update)
Make sure to check your wire configuration on your bltouch or filament sensor. The new bltouch sensors should plug right into the board without depining the connector.
Left to right: Brown-Ground, Red-5v, Yellow/Orange-Signal
Disconnect lcd ribbon ext1 on the control board
Connect Ext1 to the pin 27 board
Connect bltouch to the 3 pins on the pin 27 board. Left to right: Brown-Ground, Red-5v, Yellow-Signal
Connect the pin27 to the main board. Make sure to align the header pins from the pin 27 to the main board.
Bootloader guide
Ender 3 marlin guide no loss of SD card
Ender 3 marlin with bltouch no loss of SD card
There are plenty of mounts and better air ducts on thingiverse. I personally use the petsfang bullseye.

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