Raise3D E2

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The New E2 Precise, Reliable and Affordable

IDEX – Independent Dual Extruders

Mirror Mode
Print symmetrical 3D models simultaneously. Greatly increase productivity.

Duplication Mode
Use both extruders in synchronized printing. Doubles production capabilities.

Automatic Bed Leveling

  • High precision mechanical probe for automatic flatness detection
  • Reduces the need for rafts
  • Ensures solid foundations

Assisted X/Y Offset Calibration

  • Easy to use step-by-step video guide
  • Enhances higher accuracy
  • Saves time and lowers cost

Large Build Volume

  • Up to 330 x 240 240 mm
  • Large build volume for bigger prints
  • More options for designs

Power Save mode

  • Turns off the RaiseTouch and LED lights
  • Saves energy while printing through the night

Safety Mode

  • Detects whenever a door is opened and pauses the print
  • Prevents damage to printing models

Flexible Build Plate

  • Flexible build plate with BuildTak
  • Easily remove prints
  • Proven durability over 5,000 prints

Motion Board

  • Designed to maximize advantages of IDEX technology
  • Driven by Reprap firmware, and Duet electronics with Raise3D enhancements

Compatible with a Variety of Filaments up to 300℃

PLA / ABS / HIPS / PC / TPU / TPE / NYLON / PETG / ASA / PP / PVA / Glass Fiber Enforced / Carbon Fiber Enforces / Metal Particles Filled / Wood Filled

Intuitive User Experience
Visual Interface / Rapid Reviewing / Visual Print Progress / Full Adjustment Control

  • 7-inch touch screen
  • Integrated setting control
  • On screen assistance
  • Visual model selection

Never Lose a Print

  • Second Generation Power Loss Resuming
  • New Extruder wtih Filament Run-out Sensor

“I actually knocked off the power accidentally. I was currently doing a 96 hours print with only 2 hours left. As I raised my head to scream in terror, I turned the machine back on and it asked me to continue print. THIS WAS A LIFESAVER!” – Shon Robinson

HEPA Air Filtration

  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Designed to silently remove nano-particles
  • Construction an Technical Details
    Usable Nozzle Typ Raise3D Pro2
    Usable Filament Diameter 1,75 mm
    Nozzle Temperatur Max 300 °C
    Open Filament System Yes
    Extruder Typ direct drive
    Printing Speed Max 150 mm/s (depends on material)
    Build Area 240 mm x 330 mm x 240 mm
    Dual Build Area 240 mm x 295 mm x 240 mm
    Heated Build Plate Yes
    Build Plate Temperature Max 110 ºC
    Build Plate Surface BuildTak
    Build Plate Material Flexible Steel Plate
    Build Plate Attachment magnetic
    Build Plate Leveling System Mesh-leveling with Flatness Detection
    Build Chamber During Process Open or Closed
    Filament Chamber Closed Yes
    Extruder Number 2
    Extruder Construction Typ Dual IDEX – Independent Dual Extruders
    Installation Space / Requirements
    Total Mass 596 mm x 607 mm x 465 mm
    Total Weight 35 kg
    Operating Ambient Temperature 15°C – 30°C
    Power Consumption Max 350 W
    Voltage AC: 100 V, 2 A / 230 V (50-60 Hz)
    Hepa Filter Yes
    Door Sensor Yes
    Filament Runout Sensor Yes
    Powerloss Fail Safe Yes
    TouchScreen Yes
    Camera Yes
    Memory Internal Yes
    Memory Capacity 8
    USB Yes, 2 x USB-A
    Ethernet-Port Yes
    WLAN Yes
    Cloud Control Yes
    Layer Height 0,01 mm – 0,25 mm
    Shipping Box 680 mm x 700 mm x 690 mm
    Shipping Weight 42,701 kg


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